Friday, June 14, 2024
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Hard rock newcomers Dead Karma will release their debut EP, “The Space Camaro”, on August 23rd, 2024. Groovy, strutting riffs and vocal melodies that walk the line between tough and tender dominate the soundscape. The EP revives a classic, punchy hard rock sound that pulls vintage rock stylings into 2024 and commands a new respect for them.

Originally intended as a “stoner rock” project, with heavy inspiration drawn from early Queens of the Stone Age, the EP shines a spotlight on the unique influences of each member to create a blend of styles within an overarching hard rock feel. The songs themselves are not directly connected thematically, but present a snapshot of a band working out its initial process of writing and arrangement by gathering influences from across genres.

“The Purge” is the most aggressive song on the EP, contrasting the poignant ringing of a church bell with the clamor of warfare. The lyrics keep the ferocity biting with a tale of dark, tragic historical events repeating themselves in a vicious cycle. Vocalist and guitarist Andrew Cannell lets his education in history shine, taking inspiration from the world wars and their bleak aftermath.

“Space Camaro” contrasts sharply in mood with the first. Lyrically, it revels in the freedom and exhilaration of driving a muscle car with the company of friends on an open road. Its musical foundations stand fittingly rooted in punk rock and metalcore.

“Gravity Mirror” keeps tugging at the listener with the depth and duality of emotions that the band establishes. The lyrics delve into the heartache that comes with struggling and failing to maintain a relationship. The music continues to explore the band’s metalcore and stoner rock influences, with a dash of pop-inspired melodies throughout.

“Dominion” is the longest track on the EP, featuring sweet lead guitar phrasings throughout the verses and leaning heavily on the band’s post-hardcore influences. The lyrics return to the theme of loss, this time centering on the death of a loved one and subtly touching on the stages of grief. “Dominion” is by far the most personal song on the EP and is divided into two distinct halves that take the listener on the journey from anger and grief to acceptance.

The “Space Camaro” immerses listeners in a diverse musical journey that draws from a broad spectrum of emotions. With themes that range from the grief of loss to the joy of a friend’s company, Dead Karma tells its musical stories with conviction and humanity.

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