Monday, July 22, 2024
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“The Ghosts Of What We Knew” is the third album from UK progressive metal group Aeons and the next logical step in the band’s incredibly rapid development, a true blossoming of all the potential that crackled with an electric excitement through 2021’s “Consequences”. “The Ghosts Of What We Knew” is laden with commercial possibilities, its weighty riffs and adventurous rhythms entwined in glistening melodies and studded with gleaming hooks.

Songs like the punchy and direct “Home” hit with an immediate, powerful impact, while the gentle perfection of “Blood” slips into your consciousness, drawing out forgotten memories in an addictive rush. The glorious guitar work at the heart of “Circles” lifts the heart and spirit in the way that only the greatest, most loved guitar solos can and the gargantuan epic that is “Ghosts” offers so much to uncover and decipher, each journey into its vast sonic landscape a rewarding, challenging, joyful experience.

Every song on this truly magnificent album is a veritable masterpiece of adventurous, progressive, melodic metal. Mastered by Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann of renowned German power metal band Orden Ogan, “The Ghosts Of What We Knew” possesses stunning sound quality, meaning that every nuance of the remarkable performances and intricate song writing can be fully savoured and appreciated. Aeons are of that rare breed of bands that can stagger and impress the listener while also connecting with them on a personal, emotional level – thrilling the mind and the heart in equal measure.

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