Saturday, July 20, 2024
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German folk rock quintet Rauhbein will hit the road again next week, but visiting venues to perform their uplifiting song material for the crowds isn’t the band’s only passion. Another important pilgrimage destination of them is the Nordhessen Arena, the home ground of the current DEL2 main season champions, EC Kassel Huskies, who are now competing in the relegation play-offs to return to the first German ice hockey league (Penny Del). Being long-time followers of the team, it wasn’t enough for the group led by Henry M. Rauhbein to only show their support in the stands. That’s why Rauhbein decided to write their own anthem for their favourite club to additionally pay tribute to the Huskies musically. “Blau & Weiss” (engl. “Blue & White”) represents the colours of the Kassel, Germany based team and is nothing but perfectly made to be chanted along at their own ice stadium but hopefully also in Germany’s first division soon. The track is now available on all streaming platforms.

Rauhbein state:

“Ice hockey is like rock ‘n’ roll! Both music and sports are fueled by a lot of passion, and when they catch you once, they stay forever.”

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