Sunday, July 21, 2024
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In November, Swedish Sci-Fi metal act Curse Of Cain brought the tunes of their self-titled debut album (released on May 12th, 2023 via Atomic Fire Records) to a stage 80 metres underground, delivering a top-notch production and much more to fans brave enough to descend into Tuna-Hästberg’s Adventure Mine (near Borlänge, Sweden). Just a few weeks later, the outfit got invited to perform at Swedish heavy metallers Sabaton’s very own cruise. The show marked a very special occassion for the group, that’s why they actually wanted to make people from all around the world enjoy their performance by streaming it live online. But not always everything works smoothly, and even Curse Of Cain couldn’t escape technical problems this time. Today, the band are pleased to unroll a little pre-X-mas gift for the “Children Of Cain” and to release the complete show (including original sound etc.). Watch the full onboard set on YouTube.

Curse Of Cain recall:

“The cruise was a blast for sure: A boat full of metal heads and great bands – what could go wrong? We are more than thankful that we got to join this event. Let’s do it again!”

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