Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Daemoniac, the Italian band known for their devotion to the 90’s Swedish death metal sound, has recently unveiled the cover art, the first advance single, and the tracklist for their 10th full album, “Visions of the Nightside”. Scheduled for release on March 12th, 2024, through Xtreem Music, the album will be available in both CD and digital formats.

Formed at the end of 2013 by Max, a former founding member of Horrid, and joined by Matt, ex-drummer of Horrid, Daemoniac made their debut with the EP “Lords of Immolation” in 2015, released through Xtreem Music. This partnership continued with the release of their first full album, “Spawn of the Fallen”, in 2017 and their second album, “Dwellers of Apocalypse”, in 2019.
Despite numerous lineup changes, Daemoniac has never deviated from their musical mission. In late 2022, the band recorded a new full-length album at Sunlight Studios, featuring Patrik from Gorement as a special guest on second guitar. The band’s commitment to their signature sound remains unwavering. The album, completed in 2023, titled “Visions of the Nightside”, will be released once again through Xtreem Music.

  1. The Daemon Beast
  2. Into Damnation
  3. War in Heaven
  4. False Prophecies
  5. Fall From Grace
  6. The God’s Fault
  7. Lord of Immolation
  8. Visions of the Nightside

“Visions of the Nightside” is set for release on March 12, 2024, via Xtreem Music, available on CD and digital formats.

Listen to the first advance single here: 

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