Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Fresh off of their recent European tour with Skálmöld and Seven Spires, Vancouver-based blackened symphonic metal outfit Atavistia will release their new EP “Inane “Ducam” (translates to “I Will Lead Into Nothingness”) on July 19th, 2024. Featuring new guitarist Elia Baghbaniyan and bassist/vocalist Spencer Budworth, “Inane Ducam” seeks to explore different genres and styles while still maintaining the core Atavistia sound.

Band founder Mattias Sippola comments:

“‘Inane Ducam’ was an experimental writing process – lower tuning, the debut of Spencer’s fierce low growls, and tempos reaching close to 300BPM. During the Winter months of 2023, Vancouver experienced extremely dark, cold, and gloomy days which is an antidote to creating music like this.”

  1. Inane Ducam 1:41
  2. Timeless Despair 3:55
  3. Dark Isolation 5:23
  4. Unattained Creation 5:17
  5. The Void 7:05

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