Friday, April 12, 2024
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Brazilian progressive power metal legends Angra celebrate kicking off their European “Cycles Of Pain” touring leg by releasing a new music video for the song “Here In The Now”. The track is one of the highlights of their current, highly acclaimed album which hit the shelves on November 3rd, 2023. The material includes scenes recorded in Curitiba, at locations such as Ópera de Arame and Teatro Cleon Jaques among others, while it features singer Vanessa Moreno, who can be heard on the track’s album version too, and Chico Brown, Carlinhos Brown’s son, starring as main protagonist of the narrative. 

But the music video delivers many more surprises and curiosities.

Bass player Felipe Andreoli comments:

“The ‘Hear In The Now’ music video is very interesting, because we explored paths that we had never used before, with an urban view. There’s also Chico Brown’s performance as an actor; it was really cool to have him in the video. We also had Vanessa Moreno, who, besides her incredible voice, contributed to it with an incredible performance. It’s a very cool and different music video as this song – which we like a lot – deserves such a result. Rapha Moraes, our director, managed to give the material such a broad vision.”

Moraes adds:

“The music really got me. I connected with the musicality and the inspiring message which suggests that people need to believe more in themselves and their uniqueness. From there, I went on to search for central themes and feelings that could convey these sensations. We built this main character, starred by Chico Brown, who is in a large metropolis and is experiencing chaos around him and within himself. When he puts on his headphones and starts listening to the music, he enters a different state of mind that makes him start to see everything differently.”

On the scenes recorded in Curitiba, his hometown, the director says:

“In 2023, we filmed an ANGRA acoustic DVD there and took advantage of breaks to capture scenes of the band playing on the Ópera de Arame stage. We used several extra images to illustrate the life in the big city, some of them are taken from the “O Garimpeiro do Rock e El Baron” series, which features [Angra manager] Paulo Baron and Orlando Custódio, and we brought in select scenes of several great artists who ‘mysteriously’ appear in the series, such as Kiko Loureiro, Ney Matogrosso, Henrique Fogaça, Digão, Jimmy London and Bruno Gouveia.”

Paulo Baron comments:

“The song ‘Here In The Now’ will be part of the “O Garimpeiro do Rock e El Baron” soundtrack, which is about to premiere. Several artists who can be found in the music video are part of the series.”

Photo credit: Marcos Hermes

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