Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Astro Dragon Records is thrilled to unveil the latest sonic offering from Chicago’s own powerhouse, War Gods of the Deep. Titled “Breaker of Worlds”, this electrifying single is set to captivate audiences with its eclectic blend of musical influences and undeniable energy.

Available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms, as well as the band’s official website, “Breaker of Worlds” marks another milestone in the ever-evolving journey of War Gods of the Deep. With elements of 70’s country pop vocal ensembles, nuances of late 90’s nu metal, and the timeless foundations of 80’s classic rock and metal, this track showcases the band’s versatility and innovation.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of War Gods of the Deep or discovering their music for the first time, “Breaker of Worlds” serves as a powerful reminder of the band’s prowess in the heavy/hard rock genre. The accompanying music video for “Breaker of Worlds” offers a nostalgic trip back to 1988, envisioning what would happen if War Gods of the Deep stumbled upon a video greeting kiosk in a shopping mall. With a playful nod to retro aesthetics and a healthy dose of irreverence, the video perfectly complements the epic and anthemic nature of the single.

War Gods of the Deep continue to push the boundaries of rock music, blending old-school vibes with a fresh and modern approach. “Breaker of Worlds” is a testament to their creativity and dedication to delivering unforgettable music experiences.

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