Monday, July 22, 2024
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My Merry Machine present the cover of their upcoming album “Total War” for the first time. Nine brand new songs – hard – modern – cheeky – are waiting to be explored. The cover was designed by the band themselves:

“A man, in search of happiness, finds/invents a machine. He connects himself to cables and tubes and receives his version of happiness. At the same time, he nourishes it with his inner strength. Body, mind and soul become one with the music. The cover image is our vision of a merry machine. We wanted to expand on this image in the artwork, and so the machine works its way not only musically but also artistically through the entire booklet.
The title Total War describes the entire musical and thematic scope of the album – showing inner and outer theaters of war and the challenge of feeling, creating and giving happiness.”

At the beginning of 2018, drummer Tim, guitarist Markus and singer Kirsten, then still with bassist Georg, threw their instruments and visions together and created a new musical happiness machine – My Merry Machine.

Formed, matured and grown together in many years of musical journey with their former band Bloodflowerz, studio recordings, 3 albums and extensive live experiences at home and abroad, it was high time to create something new. With their first self-released debut album “Ignition2, the musicians broke new ground.

In the spirit of “reduce to the max”, reduced to Kirsten on vocals, Markus on guitar and bass and Tim on drums, My Merry Machine now return with expanded musical visions and a return to their musical origins: Metal! The engine is still driven by a passion for hard guitar riffs, driving drum beats, growls and catchy songs full of energy and melody.

With the El Puerto Records label, the band found a home at the end of 2023 that suits them perfectly. There, the band uses the opportunity to realize their music and ideas without compromise. Passion for music is the top priority. With energetic songs and creative art & video content, the new album will be ready in early summer 2024.

1. Dealing with Satan
2. Illuminati
3. Total War
4. Hello Darkness
5. Fallen Demon
6. Extreme
7. Rise Up
8. Nervermore
9. Temple of Doom
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