Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Sea Of Snakes, the LA-based stoner doom powerhouse, is back in the spotlight with the release of their latest single, “Passenger.” This marks the band’s first release since their celebrated album The Serpent & The Lamb and comes after a year-long hiatus. With the addition of Chris Lowbridge on drums and Greg Noriega on bass, the band has fine-tuned its lineup and sound, leaning into a heavier, doom-laden direction.

Guitarist Jim McCloskey and vocalist Jason Busiek shared their excitement about the new material:

“While our first album was about being loud and free in our music, we now embrace our true identity as a doom band. ‘Passenger’ not only captures this shift but sets the stage for our upcoming album.”

The band further elaborated on the thematic depth of “Passenger,” expressing its darker implications:

“The song ‘Passenger’ represents the dark passenger in all of us. The little devil on your shoulder, if you will. The voice inside that tells us to do bad things. We all have to hide that voice, but it’s always there. In the end, you have to embrace it and let it take control.”

“Passenger” delivers a powerful mix of sludgy guitar riffs, booming drums, and gritty vocals that are sure to resonate with fans of the genre. The track signals a deeper dive into the doom aesthetic, promising a more intense experience in their forthcoming album, set to be released this year on Wet Records.

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