Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Dal Av & Daedric release their new single “Racing The Parallel”, out now on FiXT.

With its ferocious guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and pulsating basslines, “Racing The Parallel” showcases Dal Av and Daedric’s mastery of their craft. Daedric’s wide range of vocal ability is on fulls how in this track with a heavy handed performance that perforates the single from start to finish with a fierce brutality. “Racing The Parallel” transports listeners into a futuristic world of raw power and dynamic soundscapes. From the moment the track kicks off, it unleashes an energetic onslaught that refuses to relent, driving forward with relentless momentum. The track’s industrial edge adds an additional layer of depth and ferocity, creating an atmosphere that is both electrifying and intense. This is music that demands to be heard, a story that demands to be told, an adrenaline-fueled journey through the depths of the cyberpunk underworld.

“When Logan (Dal Av) approached me about doing a track together I was compelled by the futuristic ferocity of the instrumental. I wanted to bring a new level of intensity to my performance and lyrics that haven’t been displayed previously. Racing The Parallel is a story about the slim margin that exists between love and hate and how relationships can often exist somewhere in-between and fluctuate constantly.” 

The official music video for the single, launching alongside the track, with it’s flashing lights, cyberpunk aesthetic, and ominous atmosphere draws inspiration from Blade Runner, echoing its portrayal of conflicted relationships between androids and humans.

Whether you’re an Elder Scrolls fan or just a music lover, Daedric leads you on a quest of apparent destiny with music that ranges from unrelenting breakdowns, incorporating hypnotic beats and cinematic transitions, coupled with vocals that range from ethereal to brutal, savage to soulful. The album performs a delicate dance between ethereal and ominous, delicate and harsh building up to new heights with each new single Mortal encapsulates the human condition in its entirety. We are flawed, we are brief, but we are vital.

Daedric has collaborated with labelmates Celldweller, Fight The Fade, Andromida, Void Chapter, and Kaixo for a gamut of well received singles that have also pulled in more fans across the world. After dropping a variety of singles, music videos, and collaborations Daedric has amassed over 300K followers across all platforms, scored mentions on Louder Sound, Punk Rocker, Metal Hammer, and Metal Injection. They’ve also gained notoriety on the Daedric Official Tik Tok Account covering the hit single “This Is Halloween”.

Upon Daedric’s inception in Late 2020, they had a goal to create a dark Synthwave project that established a modern fantasy element that was lacking across the dystopian-filled genre. With Geoff’s captivating production, Clay’s syncopated riffs and Kristyn’s hypnotic vocal delivery, “Wretched” was forged and set forth an inevitable sound. More importantly, it opened the doors for true exploration. Over the next year Daedric would expand their writing across multiple genres, blending metal drums and industrial grooves with an amalgamation of synth, guitar and orchestration, all leading to a diverse soundscape to showcase Kristyn’s immense vocal range.

Dal Av is a modern metal project started by guitarist Logan Young. Originally a solo instrumental project, Dal Av quickly evolved into a multi-artist collaboration project. Dal Av includes colabs from other modern metal musicians such as vocalists, guitarists and drummers. Each song has a unique feel and brings together the best minds of the underground metal industry.

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