Monday, July 15, 2024
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Orange County melodic hardcore five-piece Ignite are starting the new year with “Done Digging the Grave”, a brand new single and video that also offers a first in the band’s long career: a guest vocalist.

“’Done Digging the Grave’ was written about the difficulty to find optimism in a world where the hardest working do not receive the rewards they deserve and where kindness is only celebrated when it benefits us monetarily”, says Nik Hill (guitar), who wrote the lyrics, on the purpose of the song. “Being hopeless together is the best medicine for a world set on keeping us apart. This song’s negative energy burns clean and leaves nothing but positivity in its wake.”

Brett Rasmussen (bass) comments on working with Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid/Sights and Sounds):

“This song was specifically written with having a guest vocalist in mind. When we heard the vocal tracks that Andrew added to the music we were completely blown away and in love with how the intensity of his screaming fit perfectly into the track next to Eli’s voice. This is the first time Ignite has ever had a guest vocalist on any song.”

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