Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Enforced, the powerhouse metal band known for their ferocious sound and unrelenting energy, has just dropped their latest musical endeavor – a cover of Obituary’s iconic track “Deadly Intentions” from the seminal album “Slowly We Rot”. This cover is not just a tribute to one of death metal’s most revered bands, but a fresh, Enforced-flavored take on a classic that promises to captivate both old fans and new. 

Enforced’s rendition of “Deadly Intentions” breathes new life into the Obituary classic, infusing it with their signature blend of thrash and hardcore elements. The cover showcases the band’s deep respect for the genre’s roots while demonstrating their own relentless drive and creativity. Frontman Knox Colby shared his excitement about the project, stating:

“We recorded this track for fun during the recording of War Remains. Obviously being big fans of Obituary, we wanted to fuck around and do a deep cut that any fan would enjoy. Love the band, love the guys, love the song, it was just a joy to record.”

As Enforced marches forward, their cover of “Deadly Intentions” stands as a testament to their respect for metal’s history and their commitment to its future. Be sure to dive into this monumental track and stay tuned for more electrifying releases from one of metal’s most dynamic bands.

(Photo credit: Jacky Flav)

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