Friday, April 12, 2024
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In the vanguard of the black metal sphere, Merrimack returns with their most ambitious and riveting album to date, “Of Grace and Gravity”. This latest tome from the Parisian conjurors of darkness is a relentless dive into the esoteric, where the lines between sacrilege and sanctity blur in a maelstrom of fervent guitars, thunderous drums, and howling vitriol.

“Of Grace and Gravity” is a testament to Merrimack’s quarter-century dedication to the black metal art form. With its foundation deeply rooted in the unyielding soil of black metal tradition, the album dares to gaze into the abyss, offering a gripping narrative spun from the threads of heresy and rebellion.

Ahead of its release March 8, this Friday, the enigmatic French black metal titans are premiering the full album on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel today at 18:30 CET.

“Behold! Sulphurean Synods not merely plays; it enchants, drawling listeners into a realm where celestial despair and infernal defiance converge.” From the first piercing note, it’s apparent this is no ordinary song. The lyrics, a tapestry of desolation and defiance, echo the overarching theme of a cosmos teetering on the edge of oblivion and rebirth. Musically, the track stands out with its intricate guitar work and atmospheric elements, creating a hauntingly beautiful soundscape. It’s a song that evokes a profound sense of longing, a clarion call to those who find beauty in darkness, resonating deeply with listeners who traverse the shadows.”

1. Sulphurean Synods 
2. Sublunar Despondency 
3. Dead and Distant Clamors 
4. Wounds that Heal 
5. Starving Crowns 
6. Under the Aimless Spheres 
7. Embalmer’s Wine

Photo by © Vagus Nox

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