Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Atlanta’s own hardcore heavy hitters, Yosemite In Black, is excited to unveil their new single “Robber Baron” from their upcoming album “The Pursuit Of”, scheduled for release on August 16th via Terminus Hate City. Alongside the single, the band presents an intense an unhinged visualizer which can be viewed below.

Yosemite In Black consists of Luke Marlowe on vocals, Dylan Beard on guitar, Cody Jenkins on bass, and Michael Ferrara on drums. Renowned in the hardcore scene, the band blends hardcore and metallic hardcore styles, drawing comparisons to influential acts like Knocked Loose, Lamb Of God, Turnstile, and Trapped Under Ice.

Their latest single, “Robber Baron”, delivers a powerful mix of aggressive riffs, pounding drums, and commanding vocals, embodying the band’s distinctive sound that has gained a global following. This track illustrates the band’s talent for merging raw power with complex melodies, offering an intense yet cathartic musical journey.

The band shares:

“A ‘Robber Baron’ is an old English term for someone who does business with malicious intent. The song is a callout to all the white collar music industry people who try to take money away from artists, who already make very little as it is.”

“Robber Baron” was self-recorded, mixed, and mastered, showcasing Yosemite In Black’s commitment to their DIY roots and artistic integrity. The lyrics explore themes of societal disenchantment and personal adversity, providing a poignant reflection on today’s societal challenges.

Photo by: Tvpes Media

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