Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Violet Eternal was born out of the desire of two musicians from Italy and Japan to work with each other in creating a new melodic metal band, blending power, and oriental choruses with fast-paced rhythms and interpersonal lyrics, with the ambiance of shredding guitar solos.

Band co-founder and guitarist Jien Takahashi comments:

“I wanted to create the ultimate melodic power metal duo after Majustice and other activities, I was hungry for new music. There were a lot of songs at the end of the previous activity, so I was looking for a way to shape it. In such a situation, I met Ivan Giannini online. I originally knew Ivan from his legendary work with Vision Dicine and the album “Angel of Revenge” and his other band Derdian. I was completely fascinated by his emotional voice that seemed to burn the skies. So I was wishing I could do something with him. When I got in touch with Ivan, we immediately hit it off and we decided to make an album together.”

After connecting with vocalist Ivan Giannini, Jien made a call to a mutual friend Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, Magic Opera) who he had a feeling would be interested in joining the duo in creating an album together plus he was also playing bass in Derdian, which Ivan was a member of too.

Not too soon after, more pieces to the project came together when the trio recruited Andrea Cappellari (Nekomata and former guitarist for Skeletoon).

With all the members collected, and music being written, the band was ready to hit the studio and decided to team up with producer Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween) for their first full-length album “Reload The Violet”, which will be released on Rockshots Records this coming May 2024. The album also features guests Takao (MinstreliX), Gabriel Guardian (Immortal Guardian), keyboardist YUHKI, drummer Ryuya Inoue, and Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius).

“From the time of production, Ivan and I were convinced that this album would be a game changer. I think it’s a work that people who love melodic metal will enjoy. If you listen to the music of Violet Eternal when you feel down, you will surely feel cheerful with hot feeling. Our music will give you the courage. This album strikes hard with both powerful vocals and a perfect mix of oriental melodic metal and emotional vocals”,

says Jien Takahashi.

To introduce Violet Eternal to the world, today the band unveils their debut track “The Echoes of Time”, a grand opus-style power metal anthem.

“If you’re familiar with my other band Majustice and the album title track ‘Ancestral Recall’, ‘The Echoes of Time’ is a continuation of that song. It’s a story about reuniting with someone broke up with in the past, but making mistakes again and again”,

adds Jien Takahashi.

Listen to “The Echoes of Time”:

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