Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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The progressive, post-metal four-piece Bipolar Architecture have released their second full-length album, “Metaphysicize”, via Pelagic Records.

The latest evolution of the band’s ground-breaking, genre-defying sound; “Metaphysicize” is the next step in an introspective and uncompromising journey into the dark heart of human nature from the international outfit who, currently based across Istanbul and Berlin, have been pushing at the boundaries of contemporary metal from their inception.

Hurtling into life in 2020, Bipolar Architecture was born from the smouldering ashes of stalwart death metal group Heretic Soul. Having retained all the nihilistic fury of their former outfit, Bipolar Architecture introduced the forward-thinking ferocity of hardcore as well as the atmospheric dynamism of post-rock and shoegaze ambience, before unleashing this searing new sound on their 2022 debut full-length, “Depressionland”, which quickly turned heads and left ears ringing.

“Metaphysicize” continues where “Depressionland” left off, featuring all the intimacy and rage of frontman, guitarist and principal songwriter Sarp Keski’s existentialist considerations of our place within an increasingly turbulent world. Powerful themes of loss, isolation and technology’s impact on the sense of self resound in the liminal space between the album’s white-knuckle blast beats and rippling, post-rock soundscapes.

Resonating with musical maturity and patience testament to experience gained and lessons learned, whilst still shaking with all the full-throttle, apocalyptic indignation of the band’s blackened metal origins, ‘Kaygı’ is the beating heart of the record. Swirling with post-rock suspense and white-knuckle thrash metal, the track is Bipolar Architecture’s first work to feature lyrics in Keski’s native Turkish, rendering the track a perfect embodiment of the band’s razor-sharp balance of culture, genre, calm and chaos.

By refusing to rest on their laurels or rely on the comfortable confines of genre, Bipolar Architecture leave their shape unfixed and their future ripe with potential; because life at the edge of extreme is so much better without labels.

Sarp Keski on “Metaphysicize”:

“‘Metaphysicize’ continues the inward journey that we started with ‘Depressionland’, pushing even further into the role that human nature plays in our fractured societies. Working between Berlin and Istanbul alongside my bandmates Fatih Kanık on drums, Niklas Arnet on bass and Marcus Sander on guitar has made our bond stronger and led us to consider our origins as much as our reality. ‘Kaygı’, our first track to feature Turkish lyrics, is our way of bringing something new to the scene and staking a claim on the sound we’ve worked so hard on. We hope everyone embraces the questions on the record and dives into our shared existential disavowal.”

Credit: Erhan Karaca


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