Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Six Feet Under’s “Killing For Revenge”, their fiery fourteenth studio album, is out today on Metal Blade Records!

In celebration of the record’s release, today the band drops a lyric video for “When The Moon Goes Down In Blood,” created by Reino Aedmäe who also produced visualizers for “Zodiac” and “Blood Of The Zombie” from Six Feet Under’s Nightmares Of The Decomposed offering.

Comments legendary frontman Chris Barnes of “When The Moon Goes Down In Blood”:

“I think all of the songs on the album deal with revenge in one way or another. That’s why the album’s called Killing For Revenge. Each song has that as a theme in it, whether it be man against man, or nature against man. There’s a macabre core theme and it’s more straightforward as far as lyrics go and the tone of the storyline really being a lot more horror, and generally speaking, about killing people. My mood is always really just diving into my own imagination and kind of a meditative state of concentrating and listening to the music and letting it lead me into a storyline.”

Adds guitarist Jack Owen:

“This was the last song written for the album. Chris suggested something ‘early 1990s.’ I created drum beats reminiscent of early Immolation or Suffocation, where the tempo was somewhere between a thrash beat and a blast beat. Back then we wrote guitar riffs that were simple diminished lines with tons of palm muting, just crunching along with the snare drum. The music was written pretty quickly and I sent it off to Chris and he replied. ‘I got this!’ Boy, did he! It turned out to be possibly the best song on the album. A brutal old-school vibe.”

A gnarly beast of a record that’s not for the faint-hearted, “Killing For Revenge” dishes up nightmare-inducing imagery courtesy of Barnes via the vocalist’s trademark guttural vocals. Both the album title and darkly detailed red-hued album cover by artist Vince Locke are perfect containers for the brutality within.

Photo by Stephanie Cabral

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