Monday, July 22, 2024
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Norwegian alternative folk band Kalandra are now releasing a new single. “Are You Ready” will be featured on the upcoming album “A Frame of Mind”, which is set for worldwide release on September 13th, via By Norse Music.

“We frustratingly thrive on pushing our creative boundaries, and halfway through crafting this song, we discovered its narrative quality, almost like a script, with its arrangement also being playfully serious in a way, adding layers of depth to the composition. Creating this piece was a liberating experience, offering us a much-needed release after spending long winter months locked away in our studio. We’re excited to share it with you, wherever and however you encounter it”,

the band states about the new track.

Kalandra will be supporting the release of their second studio effort with a lengthy tour throughout Europe and the United Kingdom this fall. A full list of shows can be found below.

The album artwork is a commission from the visionary contemporary artist Elen Alien. The tracklist of the album can be found below.

1. I Am
2. Untie The Knot
3. Are You Ready? 
4. The State of the World 
5. Bardaginn 
6. A Life Worth Living 
7. I’ll Get There One Day 
8. Hytta 
9. Segla
10. I Remember A Time 
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