Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Celebrating their 35th anniversary, melodic death/thrash metal band Final Cry reflects on their impressive journey, including six albums and over 10,000 records sold. In honor of this milestone, they’re releasing their first-ever video clip, “The Beckoning Silence”, from their latest album “The Ever-Rest”. The video, showcasing both majestic and dramatic scenes, captures the essence of the album’s concept. It includes live footage from their show at B58 in Braunschweig, recorded by Carsten Brand.

Final Cry will also celebrate with select festival appearances (Metal Frenzy, Wipfelbeben, MUR) and club shows, culminating in an “Anniversary Fest” in Hanover/Subkultur on October 26th, featuring special guests. The event and video release highlight the band’s enduring legacy in the metal scene.

35 Years On Stage
27.01. Rendsburg, T-Stube, Metal Night RD 2.0
01.03. Surprise Show, Hannover
12./15.06. Metal Frenzy Open Air
12./14.07. Wipfelbeben Open Air (Anniversary Homecoming Show)
12./13.07. MUR Open Air
26.10. Hannover, Subkultur, Anniversary Fest /w special guests

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