Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase released a new EP “Beyond Our Imagination” via Inverse Records. EP features four brilliant vocalists (Rioghan Darcy (Rioghan), Juha Tretjakov (Vansidian, Pressure Points), Omar Zouiter (Antivalent) and Janne Lunnas (Alase). The soundscapes vary from gloomy and haunting to full of hope.

Guitarist Janne Lunnas comments EP:

“Our second album “A Matter of Time” was released less than a year ago. Already at that point there were some demos for new songs and we had a good drive to work fast on them. Shortly after the album release we decided that the next release will be a four song EP that will present the most progressive material that Alase has ever done.

“Beyond Our Imagination” EP utilizes Alase’s original idea of having several guest vocalists, and we managed to get awesome singers to participate this effort. Opening track “Broken Pendulum” represents Omar Zouiter (Antivalent) on clean vocals and I did some screaming on heavier parts that were inspired by bands like Gojira. On “Love Crime” that was released also as a single and music video, I did a duet with Rioghan Darcy (Rioghan band) and that song showed some new sides about our music. Two last tracks “When?” and “A Night to Remember” are sang by our trustee Juha Tetjakov (Pressure Points & Vansidian). “When?” is kind of a visit back to our doomier soundscape and “A Night to Remember” is more progressive one that starts in very untraditional way for a metal song and ends the EP in epic way.”

Promo picture by Mikko Parkkonen / Aarni Visuals

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