Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Shinigami are a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece.

The idea of starting the band is first formed in late 2007, when Dionisis (guitar) and Hector (bass) meet during their military service and discover they share a passion for rock and metal music. Soon after, they are joined by two friends, thus forming the band’s initial lineup, and in 2009 they record the demo album “Past Mistakes” where they experiment with their sound and make their first attempt in composing their own original material.

In the following years, after numerous lineup changes, playing a lot of gigs and constantly rehearsing and composing original material, Shinigami refine their trademark sound and in 2020, during the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown, they record their first full length album, entitled “Back From The Dead” with Lefteris (guitar) and Kostas (drums) completing the band’s lineup.

2023 finds Shinigami in an all time high. With the addition of Vasiliki (vocals), Kostas (keyboards) and Christina (bass) rounding out the band’s strongest lineup to date, they re-record 4 songs from the “Back From The Dead” album with some valuable input from Bob Katsionis and are ready to enter the next chapter in their story.

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