Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Some bands play heavy metal. Some bands are heavy metal. Enter Slovenian powerhouse SkyEye, the best example of category two one could wish for. With their third record “New Horizons”, the sworn brotherhood is officially and successfully applying for the role of heavy metal’s latest and most courageous defenders of the faith, a force of steel that was simmering ever since it started out back in 2014.

The new album will be released on July 19th, 2024 via Reaper Entertainment.

The band presents the third digital single. “Nightfall” is available on every major streaming platform.
The official music video can be seen here:

“The song rolls back time for thousands of years and puts the listener in the middle of an ancient village surrounded by the woods as “the night has fallen; the darkness slowly crawls in”. The Nightfall must have been the most fearful event of the day for the ancient settlers. No light, strange sounds, mythical creatures living in the woods, will the Sun ever rise again, will there be a new day? The fear of the darkness is so deeply embedded and rooted in human nature; its impact can be seen even today. But mainly it represents the dark side of human nature, the demonic one. That’s why we need each other’s help and love to get through the “night” and to battle our own demons. “Brother give me your hand, I’ll lead you through the night. We’ll shine through the darkness together my friend”.

Skyeye may have been around for a decade already. And yet “New Horizons” feels like a genuine beginning, like a first milestone of many more to come. Be there to witness the start of something truly spectacular. You will regret it later if you don’t. And that’s a promise. Or, as the band puts it: “We are more than happy with this record and we hope that the fans will enjoy listening to it as much as we do. In the name of SkyEye, let there be heavy metal!”

The stunning new cover artwork was created this time by Aleksandar Živanov.

1. The Descenders
2. Fight!
3. Far Beyond
4. Railroad of Dreams
5. Saraswati
6. New Horizons
7. The Voice From the Silver Mountain
8. Forgotten Nation
9. Nightfall
10. The Emerald River
11. 1917

SkyEye are:
Jan Leščanec (vocals)
Marko Kavcnik (guitars)
Urban Železnik (guitars)
Primoz Lovsin (bass)
Jurij Nograsek (drums)

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