Monday, July 22, 2024
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Brothers and sisters of the sacred metal conclave, the hour is upon us to unite under the blackened banner of Rotting Christ once more. With hearts ablaze and spirits untamed, the Tolis brothers proudly present to you the bonus single “Primal Resurrection” from the recently released full-length album, “Pro Xristou”.

For over three electrifying decades, Rotting Christ have harnessed the whispers of ancient gods, crafting symphonies that resonate with the soul of the true metal spirit. Pro Xristou, translating fervently to “Before Christ”, is a blackened testament, a beacon in the dark celebrating the endurance of pagan might amidst the looming shadows of Christianity.

“Primal Resurrection” emerges as a phoenix from the ashes of history, embodying the essence of our signature sound – a ceremonious blend of mesmeric melodies, harrowing atmospheres, and the valiant roar of epic metal. This song is a voyage back to an era where gods walked among men, and the last pagan kings battled valiantly against the encroaching tides of oblivion, safeguarding the relics of a wisdom too profound to perish.

Photo by © Tasos Anestis

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