Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Denver-based power metal outfit Siege Perilous has once again ignited the flames of epic storytelling with their newest single “Sons of the Verdant”, which comes from their second EP “Creation’s Call” slated for an August 2024 release. Influenced by LARP, historical events, and fantasy literature, the single is sure to grab the attention of listeners across the metal spectrum. The band comments:

“This song has an interesting combination of dark and triumphant. The story is a fantasy version of a story we see repeated throughout history, that of native resistance to colonizing oppressors. One of the cool things about fantasy is the ability to take these universal themes and be able to apply them without having to point at one group of people and borrow their story, especially since there are so many instances of it from Antiquity to Modern Day.”

The band goes on to explain that this is probably one of their most musically complex songs, featuring longer and more varied instrumental sections, having vocals be almost more of a punchy accent than the driving force, hitting at the right times while really letting the amazing instrumentalists in the band rock out.

Set to enrapture audiences with its fantastical lyrics and thunderous guitar riffs, “Sons of the Verdant” invites listeners into realms of adventure and wonder. It is highly recommended for fantasy fans and those with an interest in Sabaton, Manowar, and Iron Maiden.

Photo Credit: Underhill Imagery

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