Monday, June 24, 2024
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Shadowmass and Decipher join their unholy forces again to spread the black plague across Belgrade (Zemun). With them will be black metal outfit Oskrnavitelj. Prepare for black metal pandemonium!

Shadowmass is a blackened heavy metal band from Athens. In December 2019 they released their self-titled album, followed by Europe Under Black Metal Fire II tour alongside Suffocation, Belphegor and Hate.
September 2021 marks the second offering of Shadowmass, an EP that “Oculus Diaboli”.

Decipher is a black metal band formed in Athens, Greece in 2017. Their debut EP “Of Fire and Brimstone” was released in 2019 and since then they have performed throughout Greece on festivals and as an opnenning band (Chania Rock Festival, Wolves in the Throne Room, Arcturus, Misþyrming and others).

In 2019 they entered the studio to record their debut album “Arcane Paths to Resurrection” which was released on April 21st, 2023 by Transcending Obscurity Records.
In May 2023 they embarked on the “Worshippers of the Void” mini tour with Shadowmass in Sofia, Bulgaria and Northern Greece.

Oskrnavitelj is Serbian black metal band, founded in 2021 in Belgrade. Cold and emotional melodies, dark riffs and often raw guitar riffs are the main features of the band’s style, which finds its authenticity in relying on the black metal of the ’90s are trademark of the band. Although the music does not limit itself conceptually, the band still remains consistent with its basic direction and dark, cold but at the same time energizing style.

The original creator of the entire project and frontman of the band, Ivana Savić from Belgrade, is known to the audience from the former bands Kramp and Sacramentum. In addition to its recognizable style and powerful vocals, which makes this band stand out as one of the few in this direction with a strong female frontman, the band owes gratitude to Ivana for the authentic name of both: the band and the first album, but also to the author’s texts in the Serbian language, the subject of which is most often focuses on ideas of misanthropy, darkness, blasphemy, death, evil, nature and our ancestors.

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