Monday, July 22, 2024
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The new album from Arx Atrata is nearly upon us, with “A Reckoning” set to be released on CD and digital formats on July 5th. Today, Ben Sizer, the man behind the music of Arx Atrata, presents a magnificent narrative video to accompany the album’s title track. Filmed beneath the boughs of ancient English woodland, the imagery and music entwining perfectly to create a captivating representation of the Arx Atrata creative vision. Speaking about the new song and video Ben offered the following thoughts…

“The lyrics of the new album tell a story through each song, and the title track ‘A Reckoning’ addresses the time where the main character learns for certain that the choices he and his people made were the wrong ones, and the consequences of those past deeds start to catch up with him. The video portrays this directly, offering a dramatic glimpse at this part of the narrative, set to one of the most immediate and memorable Arx Atrata songs so far.”

Walk the forests with Arx Atrata here: 

The video for “A Reckoning” was shot and edited by Olga Kann:

You can also watch the lyric video for the first single from “A Reckoning”, “I Was A Witness To His Passing” here:

and be ready for A Reckoning on July 5th!

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