Friday, June 21, 2024
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The rising star of melodic death metal from Finland, Hagalas, is releasing the third single from their upcoming album “Mentes Reae”. The album will be available in physical format on May 31st. The song is titled “Hope Is A Lie”.

The song narrates the story of an individual who has endured numerous losses and disappointments in life. Despite their struggles, dreams, and aspirations for a better future, each endeavor has seemed futile. Witnessing hope dissipate repeatedly as fate strikes mercilessly, the protagonist is left embittered by disappointment. They come to believe that hope is merely an illusion, trapping people in empty promises. Their tale serves as a grim reminder of life’s harsh realities and how optimism can transform into cynicism in the face of repeated letdowns.

“Hope Is A Lie” is available on streaming platforms, accompanied by the band’s first official music video, viewable on Inverse Records’ and the band’s channels.

Kalle Korhonen: vocals
Antti Huovila: guitar
JM Helenius: guitar
Ville Uimi: bass
Teemu Kankainen: drums

Photographer: Juha Nikupeteri

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