Friday, June 21, 2024
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Ten years of Serious Black, ten years of melodic power metal with the license to create anthems. Since their founding in 2014 the band enthuses their fans not only with five studio albums to date (their last offering, “Vengeance Is Mine”, charted at a phenomenal #16 in Germany), but also at acclaimed concerts and festival appearances around the globe.

To celebrate their decadal birthday in glorious style, Serious Black have announced the release of a brand new album “Rise Of Akhenaton”, out on 27th September via AFM Records. 

At the same time, the band will be on tour throughout Europe with Sonata Arctica and Firewind. To shorten your wait, Serious Black will unleash three singles, including video clips, starting today with the uptempo track “Metalized”. With its powerful guitar riffing, the dynamic base of drum and bass and the hymn like catchy tunes this song unites all the band’s strengths.

Band mastermind Mario Lochert comments:

“10 years of Serious Black! 10 years was the intro of Akhenaton the first track which blasted like a rolling thunder through the loudspeakers at over 200 concerts worldwide . Now it’s time to bring Akhenaton and his army to life “Rise of Akhenaton” the album. So what would be better to start the journey into the album with a song, that reflects the lifestyle, heart and love to the music of every heavy metal fan – aren’t we all a little ‘Metalized’?”

Not only “Metalized”, but any of the eleven tracks on their new album showcase that Serious Black stylistically went back to their roots. At the same time, due to the modern production by Lochert und Bob Katsionis, “Rise Of Akhenaton” sounds more diversified than ever. The interim focus on progressive directives has now changed to more catchy arrangements. Anno 2024, straight, classic power metal – the style the band once got to be known for – reigns again.

“The return to what characterized us once, was already indicated on “Vengeance Is Mine” “, Lochert explains the natural evolution of the band and adds: “Since his joining three years ago, our singer Nikola Mijic has turned out to be a real jewel for us. Because of his expressive voice and his intuitive feeling for great melodies, the songs got more clarity and a more direct pace.”

1. Open Your Eyes
2. We Are the Storm
3. Silent Angel
4. Take Your Life
5. Shields of Glory
6. When I´m Gone
7. United
8. Rise of Akhenaton
9. Virtual Reality
10. I Will Remember
11. Metalized

Serious Black Live w/ Sonata Arctica & Firewind:
12.09.2024 – SE – Östersund
13.09.2024 – NO – Trondheim
14.09.2024 – SE – Örnsköldsvik
16.09.2024 – NO – Oslo
17.09.2024 – SE – Karlstad
18.09.2024 – SE – Huskvarna
20.09.2024 – DK – Roskilde
21.09.2024 – DE – Berlin
22.09.2024 – DE – Hamburg
24.09.2024 – NL – Utrecht
25.09.2024 – NL – Tilburg
26.09.2024 – DE – Bochum
27.09.2024 – DE – Aschaffenburg
28.09.2024 – CH – Pratteln
29.09.2024 – DE – Munich
01.10.2024 – FR – Paris
02.10.2024 – FR – Lyon
03.10.2024 – ES – Barcelona
04.10.2024 – ES – Madrid
05.10.2024 – ES – Pamplona
07.10.2024 – IT – Milan
08.10.2024 – IT – Padova
09.10.2024 – HU – Budapest
10.10.2024 – CZ – Zlin
11.10.2024 – PL – Warszaw
12.10.2024 – PL – Poznań

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