Monday, July 22, 2024
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The Finnish heavy rock band Ängry Gentlemen released a new single Red Tight Skirt on July 4th 2024 via Inverse Records.

Ängry Gentlemen swears by the name of heavy rock and follows the path indicated by Motörhead, Peer Günt and Mustasch. From the beginning, the work has been done on a trio basis and unapologetically. Heavy drumming, high gain guitar, heavily distorted bass and raspy vocals create the basis for Ängry Gentlemen’s music.

Listen “Red Tight Skirt” on streaming services:

The band comments:

 “Red Tight Skirt is a love song that speaks of that moment when you see something so beautiful but unattainable. The story of the song describes that moment when the world stops, the body freezes, and no sensible words come out of the mouth anymore. To top it off, the mind starts imagining all the things one could do with a new crush, but reality hits later on.”

Ängry Gentlemen recorded a couple of new singles. After a couple demo EPs, they packed their gear and squeezed into Lammaskallio Studio with Juho Salaterä for a couple of days, resulting in a couple of new singles. The new songs may represent a somewhat calmer tempo, but with professional production, they’ve taken a few steps forward overall. Juho crafted a sound world according to the band’s wishes, leaving out unnecessary frills. The songs are what the whole thing sounds like live as well. The second single “Law Breaker” is set to be released on August 29th 2024.

Promo picture by Juha Virolainen

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