Monday, July 22, 2024
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German black metal collective Groza has returned, unveiling details of their long-awaited 3rd album, “Nadir”, that will be released on September 20th with AOP Records. Following two critically lauded releases, extensive touring in over 20 countries and a worldwide cult fanbase, Groza continues their path as one of the fiercest bands in the dark metal realm.

Conjuring a sound that melds intense atmospheric soundscapes and enraged melodic vocals with blistering blast beats and catastrophic riffs that invoke powerful emotions of anger and sadness, GrozaGrozaGroza has crafted six songs that defy boundaries and create a new benchmark for modern black metal.

Today, the band has revealed the first of those tracks, “Dysthymian Dreams.” 

1. Soul: Inert
2. Asbest
3. Dysthymian Dreams
4. Equal. Silent. Cold.
5. Deluge
6. Daffodils feat. J.J. & M.S. // Karg & Harakiri for the sky

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