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On September 25th, 2020, German Thrash Metal band Annexation will release “Inherent Brutality” via Iron Shield Records. The band was formed in 2015 by Lizard Gonzales a.k.a. Uncle Crocodile. In order to promote and support Berliners, we had a few questions for Uncle Crocodile and his band mates.

Hi guys! How are you?
Uncle Crocodile: Hello everyone – we’re doing fine, but of course the current situation and uncertainty is causing a little – let’s say – there were better times.

How is the situation in Berlin these days considering the pandemic?
Uncle Crocodile: There’s a strong duality. On one hand lots of people go by the rules and understand and grasp the situation. On the other hand lots of people don’t give a shit – in general – and as well about the at-risk-groups and act like everything’s fine, which I can understand, but the crucial point is – your freedom ends where my freedom starts. Overall it’s difficult because of the uncertainty and the lack of knowledge about the situation – it’s all speculation and some good, bad and ugly conspiracies. I’d say basic human incompetence and lack of rationality. Great stuff. Or like Rick said: “what people call love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it, your parents are gonna do it, break the cycle Morty,
rise above, focus on science.”

On September 25th you will release the debut album ″Inherent Brutality″. What do you expect from the album now when the world is in total chaos?
Uncle Crocodile: The good thing is the total chaos does not affect the sound and the violence of the album. We’re glad that we were able to produce something that’s in a certain way above all the chaos. You can listen to music and ease your mind or fuel your aggression – whatever suits you – it’s a free world, kind of. All in all we hope the album gives all the metal maniacs something to enjoy and to mosh too. There can never be enough good violent Thrash Metal. And we hope that the album gives people a hint of the aggression that will be unleashed as soon as clubs and venues open to play live again.

I just saw the album cover and track-list. Can you reveal something more about the album creative process looks like in your band?
Uncle Crocodile: 99 percent of the songs start with a riff or a structure suggestion from me or Sickfuck – then we start jamming and see what’s happening. Sometimes I or Sickfuck come in with a blueprint or a structure for a song and then it gets molded as soon as we start rehearsing it. Sometimes the initial song structure works and we don’t have to do much molding, but simply play it. Sometimes it takes months to realize then it all was shit haha and
in the process we came up with better material. Music is weird.

In 2017 you released the demo ″Reptile World Order″ and in 2019 the EP ″Jackhammer Treatment″. Both independent releases. Now you are members of the Iron Shield Records family. What was the key factor to sign the record deal?
Uncle Crocodile: We met Duck after a concert in early 2019 where we played some new material and he approached me after the show and told me to let him know when we have material for an album. Additionally our shouter Infektörr already knew Duck and got in contact with him as well and so it all came together.

How would you describe your music?
Uncle Crocodile: Old school Thrash Metal with a glimpse of Death Metal and sometimes even Blast Beats – but very rarely. We try to keep it close to our inspirations and the mid 80s early 90s Thrash and Death Metal era. It’s all about aggression and creating a sound that makes you want to go punch walls and destroy shit. Our music is primarily designed to be played live and to give people something to mosh and head bang to.

Who is the best organized in the band, who is the mastermind, who is the joker?
Uncle Crocodile: The best organized – next question. The mastermind is of course me, Uncle Crocodile, because I am a reptilian and I pull all the strings. There is no joker, because smiling in Metal is not Metal. The best organized definitely is The Volcanic Nun Desecrator.

You are about to release the new album. When you started working on it, you had no idea this corona crap would happen. How did it change your plans?
Uncle Crocodile: We consciously started writing the album in the beginning of 2019. Corona made us more focused and precise. As there were no shows we were able to focus fully on the album. So that was the good part of Corona. Everything else fucking sucked and still sucks immensly – no shows, no concerts, no release show. And as for now we decided to keep it productive and already started writing new material.

What is the biggest challenge you faced by now?
Uncle Crocodile: Probably finally getting our shit together and start to be productive in a constructive way and let the punk attitude on hold for a little. Well, we still act like punks, a lot and often. And there’s no prejudice for punks, but we just were pretty chaotic until the new drummer The Volcanic Nun Desecrator joined in late 2018.

I guess you like to travel. I have no idea if you have toured by now, at least in Germany, but in the near future, I hope, where would you like to play the most?
Uncle Crocodile: We played a couple of small gigs out of Berlin, but it was no tour per se. There’s no certain goal. We like to play everywhere where there is a good and violent crowd and enough alcohol.

What do you listen to these days?
Uncle Crocodile: On the basic playlist there’s always Slayer, Exodus, Demolition Hammer and Power Trip – Rest In Power Riley Gayle – but then some Pestilence, Obituary, Exhumed, Raped God 666, Bonded By Blood, Vio-lence, Iron Reagan, Create A Kill, Condition Critical, Lich King, Mr. Bungle, Cannibal Corpse, just to name a few.

Which bands influenced you the most?
Uncle Crocodile: From the old school Thrash Metal era it’s definitely Exodus, Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Sadus, Dark Angel, Razor, Morbid Saint, Obituary, Slaughter Lord, Devastation as well bands from the new era of Thrash Metal like Violator, Lich King, Iron Reagan, Warbringer, Deathraiser, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Power Trip, Toxic Holocaust – the list goes on.

Annexation is a young band. Did you play in any bands before? Do you have any experience so far?
Uncle Crocodile: Our drummer The Volcanic Nun Desecrator also plays in Berlin Death Metal Band Bloodbeat. And our shouter Infektörr plays guitar in Berlin White Trash Gore Grind Band Cerebral Enema. Other than that there were no „real“ bands that anyone played in before. I just did a couple of high school and university Punk projects, but nothing serious.

I have to mention your names: Rotten Piranha, Uncle Crocodile, Sickfuck Sanchez, Infektorr, Volcanic Nun Desecrator… Can you explain to us what lies behind (I hope some interesting stories)?
Uncle Crocodile: As we all know that the reptilians secretly control and command humanity – that’s what Uncle Crocodile a.k.a. Lizard Gonzales knows and is also a part of and his band epithet is a symbol for the Reptile World Order. The Volcanic Nun Desecrator speaks for itself, because his drumming is like a volcanic eruption. Sickfuck Sanchez is just a sick minded bastard. And Rotten Piranha because of Exodus and degradation, slowly we rot. Infektörr wanted to display the German Umlaut, which is actually very crucial in Metal. Since we haven’t had a song title with an Umlaut yet, Infektörr did the initiative with his name. Great guy!

Germany is the home of power and thrash metal. Tell me one German thrash metal band that you would like to share the stage with?
Uncle Crocodile: Sodom!

Wacken is one of the biggest if not the biggest metal festivals in the world. Do you have a desire to present your music on its stage(s)?
Uncle Crocodile: Sure. If we’d get the chance to play there we’d absolutely do it. Rotten Piranha: … and show them some faceripping metal, I am not sure they are ready for this…

How is the metal scene in Berlin, any new, young bands you would like to recommend?
Uncle Crocodile: Indian Nightmare.
Rotten Piranha: Bloodbeat.

At the end, let’s play a game… Ask each band member a question you never did (of course they need to answer).
Uncle Crocodile (to Infektörr): What’s up with Solstice?
Infektörr: What’s important is beer and a good long casual ride home from Cologne to Berlin.
(to Sickfuck) How do I torture students the best?
Sickfuck Sanchez: I live in the jungle now. Nature teaches you everything. But seriously:
“Who, who, who has won? Who, who, who has died?”
(to Volcanic) Do we really need blast beats?
Volcanic Nun Desecrator: This is not up for debate.
Uncle Crocidile: Right. They’re redundant.
(to Piranha) Where did you really get your great tattoo skills from?
Rotten Piranha: Go deep, just like base.
Rotten Piranha (to Uncle Croc): Favorite skate trick?
Uncle Crocodile: Blunt to fakie. But the best trick universally is hitting the ground gently. Pain for fucking pleasure.
(to Sickfuck) Best 80’s Album, excluding Slayer, Exodus and Death?
Sickfuck Sanchez: Herbert Grönemeyer – Bochum.
(to Volcanic) Is AOR really dead?
Volcanic Nun Desecrator: I like “The Dirt” on Netflix.
(to Infektörr) Should Cannabis Corpse give you name-credit?
Infektörr: Yes.
Uncle Crocodie: I guess we keep it like Dark Angel: No one answers, no one asks.

Thank you so much for your time and interesting answers. All the best!
Uncle Crocodile: Thank you very much for the interview. Keep it fucking violent!

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