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Label: Self released

Date: December 23rd, 2022

So this is the time to write the last review this year. It’ll be in the same time the first one published next (2023) year. You know, I truly doubt this is possible to create and publish it in space of next few days. Anyways, I prepared something special for you. As you can see this isn’t any well-known band at all. Actually I’m sure this ensemble is totally unknown for 99,9% of you and, I know I wrote something like that before, the country Cryptic Carnage comes from (Mauritius) is the last one, or at least one of the last ones, you suspect of having something to do with metal. That’s why I guess this is very good idea to give you short biography of Cryptic Carnage. The band was born in 2012, but first long eight years of its existence didn’t give us any release. So this is nothing surprising in the fact “Scriptures of Torment” is their debut – earlier they released only demo entitled “Cathartic Possession” and two singles. Well, actually since demo is also only one song long then in my opinion it wasn’t any abuse to call it also a single. But this is probably my sick mind who can’t take a difference. Besides, is it really too important how we call these three digital releases? I think it isn’t at all!

Anyways, the first full-length of our metal brothers coming from the third largest city on the island, Beau Bassin – Rose Hill. Guys released it independently December 23rd and not only in digital format as well. You can find on here twelve songs of pure old school Death metal. To be honest I feel during listening to this album like I was back in nineties. And here those of you who know me, at least from reading my reviews, know this is what I love and is a compliment for guys I wrote like that.. Music is in the most in American style, but I also recognize elements characteristic for Swedish or even Dutch ones. In the same time there’s something what makes this music quite unique. I mean, there’s something in this creativity what tells you ensemble comes from a little another cultural circle. That’s about enthusiasm I can feel in every entire riff, every single beat or with every Arsh’s growl. I know this isn’t easy to explain this in words, but am sure you’ll notice the same thing during listening to this stuff. By the way, you have with exuberant brutality to do. Well, I think this is as clear as a day for you their technical skills are pretty good, but there’s no place for some exhibitions. You can hear it very clearly, notice some guitar, and not only, tricks and so on, and this is quite a   lot of it, by the way. But everything serves to create as brutal as possible music. Tempo is mostly fast or, let’s call it, middle fast. And this is how it should look like in such creativity! Also sound is in my opinion just like it should be when it’s about metal band! Well, I have of course some associations with well-known bands and musicians on my mind when I listen to Cryptic Carnage (don’t confuse with German ensemble with the same name!), but you’ll have to check it out by yourselves. As I know there’s a stream of two or so songs upcoming from this full-length to find in the net, so this isn’t nothing too hard.

I never liked when someone served me everything on fuckin’ gold plate and somehow think everyone should dig a little itself. I’m here only to show you direction and give some common image. Besides something you reach after the work tastes much better than the same thing you just get without struggle. And believe me this band is definitely worth to fight a little to discover them, to make an effort! Anyways, since this album is released independently I’ll end up this review the way I always did it in times I edited my own paper zine. I mean, I give you a contact to the band to make it possible, or at least easier, to you to buy this really great album I can listen and listen and listen to in eternity. And since this is released both as a CD and digitally as a stream, then you can buy it in format you like more. OK, that’s it! You need grab this and me… I go to write another review then…


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