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Label: Audio Epidemic Records

Date: September 25th, 2020

Probably it’ll sound crazy, but sometimes I really believe that my guardian angel who, besides guarding me, also recommends top bands to me. While I was checking promo releases that we got I came across a band with an unknown name – Dead Low. At that moment it seemed to me that some voice told me “You should check this”, and I did. The press kit says they play Punk, Oi!, Heavy metal. The description of their style interested me even more, considering that, in addition to metal, I have always loved Oi! Punk. On the cover, we can see the head being hit by two fists. A perfect description of what awaits you on this EP. During the 10 minutes this material lasts, this trio from Massachusetts will hit you relentlessly with their catchy riffs, straightforward and in your face Oi! / Metal / Punk sound. The sound of Dead Low’s debut is based on catchy classic metal riffs, raw vocals, and “fuck off” punk attitude. This is a really short review, but I don’t have anything to add – this is just a great debut!

Message for all fans out there – “Check out this promising act!”
Message for Dead Low members – “Guys, please make new stuff as soon as possible!”.
Message for my guiding angel – “Thank you for recommending me Dead low!”.

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