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Label: Reprise Records / Warner Records

Date: September 25th, 2020

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m a fan of nu metal. Have been since I first heard it. I’ve gone through all the greats of the genre and found most of them absolutely deserving of their respective laurels. Most of them, you ask? Yes, most of them. I was never into Deftones. Their “grungy”, industrialized version of nu metal was never to my appeal. However, this just might change with “Ohms”.

The album itself basically continues along the well-trodden path the band cleared a long time ago. Overly atmospheric in its foundations, it brings forth a vast array of different emotional states, gathered under a roof of mental instability, caused by an ever-growing pressure upon the individual to adapt and conform. Somehow, Deftones manage to build up the tension with their music and let it blow up with heavily distorted screams in agony. You should be familiar with a feeling of wanting to shout at the top of your lungs. And even if you do, there’s no one to turn around and listen, let alone join in. Even if everyone wants (and needs) to. “Ohms” therefore sounds like the band is closing in on the vocalist, as he gets ever so dangerously close to falling off the edge of the stage.

Extremely twisted record, to put it simply. Somewhat experimental, even according to Deftones’ standards, and quite unnerving. As per usual, Deftones are missing a “hit single” that will lock them to radio and television broadcasting programs. Still, the band displays a much wider cognition of musical creativity, than the shallow pits of conformist megastars. “Ohms” does not intent on taking you over with a catchy lyric, or a memorable riff. It is crafted so that your innermost fears and insecurities surface and make you react. And react to the whole. There is no temporary outburst on the record, just as there is no light at the end of “Ohms” tunnel.

No doubt, the unit of electrical resistance has a special significance as a title of the record. I’m hoping my readers are educated, informed and free-thinking enough to catch Deftones’ drift. The all-encompassing hopelessness needs to be eradicated. We are getting closer to a point of no return. Act now, before Deftones’ predictions come true. Listen to “Ohms” for further warning signs of what happens when good people do nothing.

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