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Date: June 16th, 2022

Label: Independent

OK, from Denmark we’ll move to a country who most of you don’t even suspect about having a metal scene at all. By the way, I always liked to get to know bands from such, let’s say, unexpected countries! This country I mean at the moment is the one where the oldest well-known civilization was created. Of course this is possible there were some even older civilization(s), but we know nothing about them and that’s why I used just the word “well-known”. I could actually write about this civilization for at least the next few pages, because the ancient era is something that I love. But I think you already know what country I’m speaking about without naming some of its rulers and so on. Besides, Abaddon Magazine is still, as I know, the magazine dedicated to music. So, let’s go with some biographical notes. I know review isn’t the best place to do such things, but since for all of us this is the very first contact with this band then this is by all means a good idea, I guess.

Erasing Mankind is a quite young band. They were founded in the year 2019 in Cairo and “Rebirth…” is in fact their debut. Well, theoretically guys recorded three songs earlier and released them as singles, but somehow I don’t count them as pure releases. I know, I know… I’m weird and that’s why my opinion is like that. Anyways, all of them you can find on this digital EP (it’ll probably never sound familiar to me; I mean the term). Actually there are also enclosed two newer tracks. Guys, who from the beginning play in the same line-up, call their creativity groove/death metal, Well, I think they do it because such a description you can find on M. A. I guess it’s one of them who’s responsible for this and other profiles on other platforms or what it calls. Well, never mind who did it! The most important thing is I can agree with this term and I think it says something about what our Egyptian brothers play, even if I’d use another word then “groove” probably. Well, actually add some words to describe it even better, I should say.

This is definitely death metal played in a modern way. It of course absolutely doesn’t mean you’ll not find everything that’s important in this sub-genre of our beloved music. Riffs are as broken as they should be. They also change quite often which surely makes music very interesting. Well, also on this field you can see (actually hear) some evolution of the band. This is mostly about guitar tricks, to be honest. However, this evolution is the best hearable when it takes vocals – a newer song as more stricte Death Metal growling it is. I somehow connect it more with Dutch or German style then for example the American one. And here I’d strongly argue with the word “groove”! I mean, in older songs you can hear it quite clearly and it takes both music and vocals. But with time guys went in the direction I want and listened with more pleasure – this is more old school as well. I also have the feeling drumming in newer tracks is more variable and cymbals are used more readily.

You can without any bigger problems recognize what bands influence Karim, Mostafa, Bahaa and Sayed, but as you know I don’t like to use any names of well-known ensembles. This is just too easy to do and besides I somehow had always felt this isn’t as wanted as the most people think for a band when it is called “Egyptian …” (instead of dots you can use the name of any “huge:” band). Hopefully you know what I mean with the last sentence… By the way, Erasing Mankind is a good band and, what’s even more important in my opinion, has a potential to improve even more. That’s why I’m already waiting for their next release and hope some label will be interested to cooperate with them. They really appreciate it and do not be some anonymous ensemble “from the end of the world” anymore!

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