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Label: Volcano Records

Date: January 15th, 2021

This might seem to be an interesting concept. A young Italian multi-instrumentalist, Simone Marsilio, opted to combine his two passions into this musical project. One of them, obviously, being music. The other, philosophy. The man wants to spread his philosophical ideas through music. Hardly a new idea, as art is usually quite a personal journey, but as far as philosophy is concerned, I believe Simone had more than enough time to formulate his thoughts throughout his scholarship. Incorporating them into his musical creation is a task that could turn out to be much more difficult.

At least when it comes to this debut EP. Understandably, the material is very much personalized. There is no question about Simone’s musicianship, as he does have a conservatory completed. Be it on the abundant piano pieces or the thought out guitar solos, the skill is undeniable. The trouble is within the other elements of MakeUpYourMind’s music. Fairly predictable and uninspiring take on groovy progressive metal is the predominant genre formulation. Yes, when you connect “predictable” with “progressive” there has to be something wrong. Now, Simone is a young man, just starting out on his creative journey, so some faults are understandable.

On the other hand, with songs as personally involved as these six are, you would expect a whole lot more expression from the vocals. Remember, Simone is actually looking to spread his thoughts and beliefs, so a lot more conviction is absolutely necessary. This way, the whole message remains flat and will hardly take bigger effect on the listener. Not to mention his English skills need improvement. Pronunciation is good enough, but the lyrics seem to be all over the place. Unless I’m too simple to understand them. Though the messages seem quite easy to comprehend.

I do hope these words will not discourage Simone. He proved to be a fine musician. He has yet to prove he can be a productive composer. And singer, of course. Lyricist too. After all, as I mentioned, this is a highly personal project and the key to its success lays within the man himself. I believe he feels it. He simply needs to make me feel it too.

By the way, I do have the music playing within my mind all the time. Nonetheless, I still love travelling, as I find it an irreplaceable experience. Escape from the worries of everyday life, as stated in “No Need to Travel”, is just a small part of visiting different places around the world (or even within your own country, as Italy is awe inspiring). You can leave your worries behind by immersing yourself in music as well. Just another form of escape. Considering the lives we all lead, any way to escape should be taken. Simone, please listen to your mom. She seems like a wise woman.

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