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Label: AFM Records

Date: March 26th, 2021

Somewhere around the twenty second mark I needed to check if I’m playing the correct band. It’s the synth, it’s the female voice and it has to be Memoremains, one of my most recent discoveries on the battlefield of melodic metal. But there was no mistake. It’s a bit to west, but something fairly similar is having its way with me, straight from the speakers.

To be exact, it is the Swedish Melalite and their third full length record. And it is only similar to the Finns mentioned in the opening statement.

Where Memoremains used basic disco patterns, Metalite goes for the more contemporary usage of said synth sounds. They’ve taken some techno, trance lessons. I’m not quite the expert in those types of music, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. That’s all I can understand of that perspective of Metalite.

Apart of that, the lyrical themes are different. Actually, they coincide quite well with the sonic presentation of this quintet. The record mostly revolves around the modern era of virtual communication, artificial intelligence, age of technology…

On occasion where the lyrics go a bit astray Metalite adapts very well, so that each song remains an exact representation of the theme covered.

Moving past all that, you will finally stumble upon a familiar ground. Heavy power metal in all its Scandinavian glory. Expectedly, the whole thing revolves around the debate of spectacular keyboards and guitars performance. Fronted by a firm convincing voice. As far as I understand, Erica Ohlsson is the new name in the band and for what it’s worth, the boys picked a winner.

Rhythm section is spot-on. Backbone of the band without a doubt, though without further liberty to explore what can be done. But we are all very familiar with such hierarchy in these kinds of acts.

The songs are catchy and memorable. Some more, some less, but even those keep your ears glued to the speakers. Of course, without that this album would be worth less than your average toilet roll.

So, when I draw a line under all I’ve written above, Metalite proved on this record that a genre that often stubbornly sticks to the, tried and tested, formula has room to evolve. These guys and girl went a step beyond. Very successfully, I might add. Good job!


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