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Label: Onism Productions

Date: July 2nd, 2021

I’ve made a promise to myself never to miss out on a band because of the silly name. There were a few mistakes on my part for the very same reason and I’m trying not to let them happen again. Thus, I dove off into the sea. Sea Mosquito, that is.

This British duo has been pushing out EP’s for a couple of years now with unrelenting pace. This being their fifth and most ambitious by far. It actually comprises of just one, twenty three minute long, title track.

Okay now, so I would invite you to check out the cover art. And then the band’s name once again. And then the title. What can you conclude out of it? An image of a psychedelic, stoner, pot-induced rock ‘n’ roll. Am I right?

Oh, but I’m not right. Not entirely anyway.

Sea Mosquito is laid on the basic postulates of black metal. Atmospheric, dissonant, anti-cosmic black metal. Somewhere along the lines of those other acts with ridiculous names. Like Harakiri For The Sky. The only thing is that Sea Mosquito makes a step outside the box. The duo doesn’t keep to the specified borders of the genre while reinventing the stylistics. And not just because they have a saxophone solo laying in there. They’re not the first to incorporate the instrument in black metal anyway.

The Brits validate my point above by protruding some stoner rock within their music. With the pulsating bass line one would raise the argument that grunge is also in there somewhere. Progressive rock? Sure, there’s a subtle influence. Laden within the walls of black metal soundscape, all of these elements make for one hell of an interesting listen.

Keeping in mind we have one elongated track on display, Sea Mosquito does not bore the listener. Not even for one second. The elaborate arrangement of the song offers a multitude of differing fragments, but keeps to the initial idea so that you know damn well this is still the same song and not just a couple of them stuck together.

At the same time, “Fire, Magic & Venom” is made up of a number of instruments that all have a significant role. I’ve already mentioned the guest saxophone and the invigorating bass guitar. But there are keyboards that appear when needed to uplift the atmosphere. Chanting voices summoning the magical fire deities that scream burning Sulphur. Pummeling drums echo the infinite cosmos. Guitars keep that electrified stereo buzz while psychedelic leads drive into the end-all.

The melodies, the rhythm, the atmosphere, the ringing ears, dry mouth and a void within the soundscape of a black hole. Laid to rest within twenty three minutes.

Bloody hell, I thought I’m going to hate this. But it grew on me. Look out for Sea Mosquito. It bites much harder and itches like you wouldn’t believe.

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