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Label: Black Sunset

Date: October 23rd, 2020

First of all, here’s my problem. Whether “Lust to Lynch” was intended to follow in the footsteps of Destruction, or it is just in the nature of German thrash metal bands to sound like this, doesn’t quite matter. Fact is that Skeleton Pit draws a whole lot from their more famous countrymen. There’s some of their own input, but it mostly comes down to Destruction knock-off.

When I speak of their own input, the German trio has a glimpse of crossover added to the sound. Maybe some of that Anthrax feel gets in at times. Still, “Lust to Lynch” remains a product of Teutonic school of thrash metal throughout.

Now, that wouldn’t bother me that much. Especially since Destruction is long established among my favorites, even if their recent records show next to nothing of what they are capable of creating. Hence, I would be glad to hear young and fresh ideas on a similar field. But, when all is said and done, I feel like Skeleton Pit just followed the line and created a mediocre record, just like their apparent idols are doing for the past decade and a half.

Basically, we get a couple of tracks that stand above a lot of “fillers”. Just like Destruction does from “Metal Discharge” onwards. Sure, there’s a whole lot of opportunities to band your heads. However, name a thrash metal record that doesn’t? You can’t, I’m sure. That’s not the point. When crafting a record that aims for old school thrash metal you need a couple of really important aspects to appear. Oh so catchy riffs that you just cannot forget, first and foremost. The ones Skeleton Pit offers are at times fairly memorable, but within a short term. Rest of them are basically forgotten once the track ends.

My compliments go for the drummer who even if following the well-established patterns, keeps adding something extra whenever an opportunity arises. Also, the vocalist sounds convincing enough, even if his voice terribly reminds me of Schmier’s. On a couple of occasions he even makes these choruses ready for a singalong.

However, with all things considered, it’s not always about connecting the dots somebody else put on a piece of canvas. Unfortunately, it most often comes down to exactly that with these new forces of thrash metal. That’s mostly the reason why I’m always cautious with these types of revivalists. It is too rare that I get a chance to hear a band which takes the old sound to the next level. Or even brings something new to the old terrain. Skeleton Pit is not one of those. Still, I know there are fans who really don’t care all that much about it. People who love the genre for what it is. “Lust to Lynch” goes out to them, exactly.

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