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Label: Cuestack Productions

Date: December 9th, 2020

A few months ago, the Austrian metal project CueStack announced its upcoming collaboration with David Hasselhoff. At that moment they also released a short teaser that hinted at what we can expect from that collaboration. From that moment on, I was looking forward to the release date of this EP because it all sounded very promising.

For the uninitiated, David Hasselhoff is an American TV star who reached the peak of his fame by playing in the series “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch”. In addition, David released an extremely notable pop album in the late 80’s. CueStack, on the other hand, is an Austrian industrial metal project founded in 2017. by talented musicians Martin Kames and Bernth Brodträger. Besides their musical talent, these guys definitely have a talent for persuasion. It is really not clear to me how one unknown, metal project managed to convince the American TV icon to be a guest on their album. Either way, in early December, “Through the Night” EP saw the light of day.

This EP opens with the song “Through the Night” a song in which David Hasselhoff sings. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best metal song I’ve heard in 2020. From the moment it was released to the moment I’m writing this review, I’ve listened to that song a million times. Phenomenal David’s vocals, catchy chorus, great production, musicianship… Everything is perfect! The next two songs are a remix of the song “Through the Night”: the first one is a retro synth-wave remix and the second is an acoustic version. If you ask me, it is a completely unnecessary filling of the EP. I was hoping that the last 2 songs from this EP would be as addictive as “Through the Night” but that, unfortunately, didn’t happen. David Hasselhoff is not even a guest in them, which is another reason for my disappointment. It is a very good industrial metal, very well played and produced. But nothing more than that. Simply, imagine that you have just eaten the best dish in the world and then after that you get a very good dessert. But you still have in your head that dish you ate. Musically, they remind me of the Swiss industrial metal band Sybreed.

I sincerely hope that the guys from CueStack, driven by the success of the song “Thorugh the Night”, will convince David to become a full-time member of the band. And if they also manage to record an album on which, there will be 7-8 more songs that will be half as good as the mentioned one, it will be the metal album of the year, I am convinced.

And a special message for my idol from my youth. Dear David, if you are reading these lines, PLEASE record a metal album either with guys from CueStack or on your own.

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