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Publisher: Službeni glasnik

Date: 2017

Original title: Antoine de Caunes, Dictionnaire Amoureux du Rock, Plon, 2010 ISBN 978-2259205757

Antoine de Caunes is an impressive personality: television presenter, actor, writer and film director. Dictionnaire Amoureux du Rock is not a classic dictionary, in which you can find meanings and definitions of words with pronunciations and translations. Of course, by alphabetical order. In this dictionary, you will only find the last item: alphabetical order. The author himself says a dictionary misses a lot of people, a lot of history: prehistory, middle ages, and modern times (of rock, of course). One thing it does not miss at all is the fact it is written with love and passion. And it gives another perspective from the crime scene, mostly memories from the concerts, backstage, interviews, and personal meetings. Antoine de Caunes shares not just dry facts but intimate stories from the backstage, interviews, trips or concerts with the right measure not to cross the line of professionalism. He is honest, concise, and precise. For him, the music itself, in many layers, not just from the angle of a fan, journalist, or a friend, is the essence of life.

Reading this book, you will discover new names, refresh your knowledge, and put some old dusty vinyl out from the back. Some will surprise you, some will shock you, some will amaze you, some might disappoint you… Some stories you might just skip, to some you will return, some will awake your memories, some will change opinion you might have about some rock heroes, but one is sure, none of you will remain indifferent.

Although not at all modest, reading the book I could draw the parallel between Antoine de Caunes and myself. Antoine de Caunes is from the rock generation. I am a metal child. We both are in love with our music. Him, from the time he discovered The Beatles. Me, when I discovered Black Sabbath in my grandfather’s vinyl collection. From that crucial moment(s) we defend what is holy for us with all the weapons we have. One more in common: After two hours of show, we share the same feelings: at the same time we are exhausted and recharged. We wake up and go to sleep with the sound of music we love, it inspires us, it heals, it recovers…

This book is not just informative, instructive, but a great inspiration for me to write a dictionary of metal one day. Why not?

Dictionnaire Amoureux du Rock is the book you can read randomly, this is the book which is optional but still necessary literature. It is more a collection of memories, stories and experiences than a dictionary, certainly worth the attention of readers.  

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