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Label: Electric Fire Records

Date: November 20th, 2020

Boy, oh boy! When I’m wrong, I’m as wrong as I can ever be! You know, I almost get a skin rash when I see a record with four tracks lasting over forty minutes. And it says in the press clipping that Anderwelt performs dark ambient metal. All the more reason for me to roll my eyes in despair for the future wasted time.

But I pushed “play“ anyway…

And it is now impossible to stop “2084” from spinning…

First of all, let me tell you that dark ambient metal is nowhere near the correct description. The album is dark, no question about that. Musically, thematically and visually. Ambience is present too, but not in a manner you would recognize as a musical genre. It is more of a sombre and claustrophobic atmospheric approach that creates the ambience of constant strain and pressure upon the listener. As this was the primary goal for the band whilst crafting “2084”, you can say they are extremely successful in this regard. Regarding metal itself, yes, Anderwelt performs metal. Dark, doom, stoner (on occasion), black metal… But, holy hell, is it heavy!

Like I mentioned above, atmosphere is the key focal point for Anderwelt and all the instruments used on “2084” are committed to achieving the wanted goal. To understand what the Austrians want to convey, you need to be fully aware of the world as it is today. The social dislocation of humanity. The ever so subtle robbing of individual freedoms. And all the other 21st century variations of Orwell’s “1984”.

From the anguished, yet defiant voice to the wailing, but strong cello, Anderwelt proves to be capable of an overview of the miserable state of human affairs. They combine the painful awareness of the helpless situation we are all facing, with a sense of non-compliance and disobedience. It is guys like these that will be the last to fall under the boot.

To delve deeper into the more concrete details of this release would be in vain. “2084” wasn’t created to impress you with skills of individual musicians, or the ability to compose versatile, engaging musical soundscapes. Though both are present.

This record stands as a warning. It was made to make you think, re-evaluate, come to certain conclusions… In general, Anderwelt doesn’t want you simply banging your heads. They need you to start banging on the artificial walls surrounding us all like sheep. They are screaming in your ears. “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

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