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Label: Silent Watcher Records

Date: July 2nd, 2021

Never a dull moment in this man’s life. Micke Broberg, best known as the man behind the microphone in Unanimated, now has a solo project. With a number of more or less established names he has given his vocal talent to, he decided to pursue his own ideas. Performing all the instruments and being responsible for writing music and lyrics. With an enormous experience behind him, expectations should be pretty high.

With Contempt Of The Light, Micke went along the somewhat familiar ground. On the debut recording we are dealing with a melodic side of black metal. Come to think of it, his home scene probably had the biggest influence on his one-man band. Most of the music present on the album comprises of traditional black metal passages, comparable to Dark Funeral, coupled with the melodic side of Dissection, just to give you the best known examples. On the other hand, he couldn’t escape ties to his own primary band, Unanimated. Or Born For Burning for that matter, another one of his solo projects. Still, the differences are obvious and it is merely the similar composing style that links them all together.

“In the Darkest of Times” is made up of all too recognizable musical means. As a matter of fact, the album offers little to no ideas that would be formulated as original, or out of the ordinary. Mr. Broberg’s past is absolutely catching up with him while he creates a “by the book” black metal record. Fast and furious or slower and overly atmospheric, the album is exactly what any black metal fan expects. Freezing cold or warmly melancholic, Contempt Of The Light offers a well-known formula that does not surprise at all.

In other words, this is decently crafted and performed piece of music, however, the entire record is faulty in just one regard. And that is the actual passage where you would find yourself absolutely hooked to this band or album. Not a single riff will make you bow down in honor of the kings of old. No rhythm segment will have you crushed under a remorseless hammering. Ultimately, no vocal bravado will command you to fight for the fallen angel.

Basically, whichever way you turn, the word mediocre comes straight into your mind. Sure enough, the less critical fans will embrace the album, as it possesses just what they want out of their black metal. The others will simply go for a more challenging piece of music.

For a debutant, Contempt Of The Light does not have me convinced.

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