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Label: Self released

Date: September 1st, 2021

You must agree that the Second World War is a vast and quite fitting topic for heavy metal. It’s nothing new as it has been used (and unfortunately abused) ever since the dawn of the genre. And not only that one war in particular. Still, the theme is far from exhausted, as is being proved almost every day. We’ve had it all, from “Angel of Death” and “Hangman of Prague”, to “Attero Dominatus”.

But here’s a tale of war from the Jewish perspective and that’s where the somewhat original approach appears. Okay, not completely original as there have been a couple of verses from that angle before. Even a couple about Anne Frank if I’m not mistaken.

Then again, this is a full, concept record about a Jewish resistance fighter and her (yes, a female one at that) perception of the whole dreadful fate of her people.

Now, prior to putting this EP on, I was wondering about how that bleakness and misery experienced by the Jews can be transferred into a musical genre such as heavy metal. After all, it’s the music that offers loud noise and aggression that cannot really be associated with the holocaust. At least not from the Jewish perspective.

Naturally, doom metal is the obvious choice in this regard, though I still had trouble to grasp the way in which it would be possible to convey such a terrifying drama. But it is all about a resistance fighter, so it could actually be done.

To tell you the truth, the whole EP is sung in German which leaves me missing out on the lyrics, since I do not know the language. Such a shame for a WWII freak, as I most definitely am. However, being such a freak gave me a perspective, so that I actually can feel what Course For Chaos wanted to convey.

In that regard, this German one-man band was fairly successful. As much as it can be with such a difficult topic for express. The focal point is shifted from the weight of the genre to the emotional side. This is not to say “Widerstand!” is a weak record, because it is not, but the side where the grim fate of the Jews is pictured takes a bigger cut in the overall audio impact. Therefore, the EP perfectly stands as a testament to the bravery of a few people in the wake of terrifying adversities.

There are moments on this EP where despair dominates. There are moments where defiance is clearly shown. Hatred, revengefulness, as well as bravery and a sense of imminent danger and death, all of those combined perfectly into a sonic background. Who knows, perhaps the lyrics ruin it all and I’m very lucky not to understand them. But that’s of lesser importance, since I managed to paint my own picture out of what is on display.

Speaking of the lyrics, I’m bound to write a few words about the vocal tones. They are extremely important in forming a general opinion about the story told. And the voice is pretty good. Deep, rough and ranging in emotions to use them where necessary. Also, it does not fulfill the standards of the genre which is, in this case, a good idea.

Now, the trouble is that if you just browse through this release, without giving it deeper attention, you will quickly skip it. If “Widerstand!” comes to you on a random YouTube playlist, you are likely to find it a dull release, without a memorable moment, easy to forget because “it gives nothing new or exciting”. And you would be right. Judging this release from just one side will give you next to nothing. However, as a whole, Course For Chaos gives you a plentiful twenty seven minutes of material.


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