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Label: Independent

Date: March 4th, 2023

And now we’ll move to the north of South America. It’s located in a potentially very rich country, and there was a time when it was a rich one, but due to several shits it’s even opposite at the moment. Fortunately when it comes to the metal scene this is not only potentially rich one. Well, due to probably the same shits I mentioned before, but also irrational as for me fact this is not too popular destination for metalheads ensembles coming from there are unknown outside the continent. And this is something I just can’t get at all! Anyways, the band I’ll concentrate on now has probably one of the most popular ones between the ones creating our beloved music. Personally I heard in my life at least four or even five Demise. And I’m sure there were and still are ten or so other ones I never heard about. One of them was Demise coming from the capital and the largest city of Venezuela.

I’m ashamed I got to know this band so late, but at the same time I have to say a huge thank you to one of my buddies who posted it! So, thanks a lot Ladislav. You made my day by posting this EP! And why am I ashamed of the fact I knew nothing about them before November or so last year? Well, it just seems they’re pure legends over there since they have existed since 1992, even if they had to wait for their very first release, live album “Neverending Brutality”, long five years. And they released it by themselves as a CD as well. Guys has, except some demos, EPs and so on six full-lengths, the debut one maniacs could enjoy 2009. But two last ones are released by the band itself in the same way like “Plagued…”. Anyways, this stuff, nevermind if we’ll call it EP or not, contains only covers. So this is no sense to describe music we have here to do. Instead it is enough to name songs our Venezuelan friends are presenting. “The Glorious dead”, “Into the Grave”, “Fleshless”, “The Kill” and finally “Spectral Sorrow / Darkday”. This way you already also know what inspires them the most and you can even know what you should expect from their own songs. By the way, all covers are very well played in technical meaning, but not only. As we all know very well metal (but this genre isn’t the only such phenomenon like that; actually there are only very few exceptions where technique is everything) is not only about pure technique. This is very important of course, but not the only component we need to create interesting music as well. At the same time, there aren’t only copies of original tracks that I like in covers very much. I mean this is of course very close to originals, but that’s also something that makes Venezuelans’ versions quite unique. Well, it’s still subtle touches, but it is quite easy to hear them in my opinion. It feels not exactly the same like Swedish, Dutch or English Gods of metal, and not only. I hope you know what I mean, because this is extremely hard to explain, you just have to listen to that and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Well, I have actually no idea if there’s something more I could write about this independently released in digital form March forth last year EP. I could repeat with some other words the same I already wrote. But why should I do shits like that? That’s why I can only recommend this release and hope at least some of you who read these words (the best would be if it was all of you, but since the world isn’t ideal I don’t think it should work) will dig a little and check out all their previous albums. I’ll do it as soon as possible since I have some duties here. Yeah, extremely nice duties with writing reviews for you and letting you (and quite often myself) to know great bands like Demise! OK, I’m going to another ensemble now. I, as always when I review such great stuff, do it somehow a little begrudgingly. But since I have been lucky to catch only good or even very good stuff last time…

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