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Date: December 28th, 2023

Label: Independent

And now there’ll be another very first time. What it is about, you’ll probably ask me. Well, this is not about what country Desmembramiento is coming from. I actually wrote reviews of ensembles from Honduras, even if it was many years ago. Anyways, in the near future I plan to come back after all these years to the legend of the scene – Blasfemia. But this time it’s about the shortest stuff I ever reviewed. “Fiesta Masacre” is about only four minutes and thirty six seconds,even if it contains six tracks.

Anyways, I’m sure most of you, if not all, hear this name for the very first time, so I think it is necessary to write some biographical facts. Well, I’ll try to do it as quickly as possible and tell you only what is the most important. The ensemble was created in 2010 in the largest and capital city of Honduras – Tegucigalpa, where more than one million and three hundred thousands people, what’s something like, actually more then, fourteen percentages of the whole country’s population. That’s why the best part of the scene is located just in this city, even if in other cities this is also active as well. The same as in the case of El Salvador, life both in Tegucigalpa and generally in the country (especially other huge cities) can be very brutal and dangerous – especially because of gangs as I know. By the way El Salvador and Honduras are neighboring lands and have some common violent history. So why in such conditions shouldn’t some people play brutal music? And as you can deduce from the duration of stuff, the creativity of Desmembramiento is very brutal and uncompromised! I also think you already know what kind of our beloved music. Yes, this is definitely death with huge influences of grindcore. Songs are very short and the longest one is the first one on this released independently digital EP – “Fiesta Masacre” and is about one minute and twenty seconds. So you can think this is nothing complicated and in general quite boring “as fast as possible” playing our friends from Honduras present us.I agree it can, when you listen to it very first time and do it with no focus like a wall of sounds, but well… Let’s be honest, this is only your imagination, lack of concentration or just you have quite serious problems with your ears and it has not too much, actually nothing to do with reality. Riffs are broken and sharp, they’re changing very often, drums play very intensively,but interesting at the same time. It happens a lot also in this field. Of course there’s no time for both some guitar tricks and long, complicated passages. But guys have enough technical skills to make their creativity something you’ll listen with huge pleasure! Vocal is of course growling, but I’d associate it even more with grindcore, or mincecore then with death metal. Well, that’s, let’s call it, something between death and grind vocalizations.

Stuff was released independently December 28th last year by the band and it’s not too complicated to get this. The format we have here also allows you to have this in a very short time. The only thing you need to do is to type band’s and stuff’s names in the browser and then… So what the hell are you still waiting for? Ah… OK, I see, you wanna be polite and read my scribbles to the end to check out if I write anything smart. I appreciate it, but I think (well, I’m actually sure of that) you shouldn’t wait even a second more and if you’re fan of such intensive and brutal creativity, and it doesn’t matter if you listen to such things permanently or just from time to time, then you just must to have this digital EP, or however you wanna name this. I’m really happy I found this band! And here once again I have to say thanks a lot to one of my buddies, Ladislav for posting this some time ago (that’s how I was able to discover “Fiesta Masacre”), you rule bro!

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