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Label: Atomic Fire Records

Date: August 4th, 2023

Not so long ago, in January, I wrote a review of “Born from Fire”, Induction’s second full length. To tell you the truth, I was surprised when I got “The Power of Power” EP and thought: “Already?!” But actually, “The Power of Power” was released nine months after “Born from Fire”, for some people already, for some the perfect timing and there are of course the people who will say: “Oh, the power metal, it is for girls, nothing serious…”. But seriously, when the EP is entitled “The Power of Power”, I think that the message the band is sending to the metal world is clear.

What do we have here? Six songs, one previously released as a single in August 2022 (“Queen of Light”), and later that year on the album “Born from Fire”. One (“Order and Chaos”) was previously released on “Born from Fire” too. The rest is brand new.

Only six months after they released their second album, Induction released a song “A Call Beyond”. Keyboards that are opening the song reminds a lot of Sonata Arctica, which is the band that influenced Induction a lot. The mid-tempo song is enriched with orchestrations signed by French composer Peter Crowley. If you are one of those already mentioned who think that power metal is girly music, and it is all about fantasy, let the Induction convince you are damn wrong. Not just this song, but the whole album, has a philosophical approach. It makes you think about what kind of world you really live in.

“Set You Free” is the second single released in August, and this is the song could be simply described as Freedom Call meets Gamma Ray. Simple as that.

“When heaven crashes down on you
You are not alone
For the freedom and the love
Will take you home…”

This is what I mean when I say Freedom Call, and when I say Gamma Ray I mean on overall sound that goes in the direction of “Power Plant” mostly.

“Set You Free” is, as they claim:

“Induction’s interpretation and homage to the glorious days of power metal.”

Guitarist Tim Kanoa Hansen explains:

“Bands such as Helloween, Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica have truly shaped the power metal genre, and I have always wanted to write a song honouring this part of history, which we all know and love. This comes just at the right time as we’re also joining all three of these giants on the road this year. ‘Set You Free’ is my humble attempt to reignite, or simply just fuel, your love for the genre in my own way. Let it take you on a journey back through time and may the glory of power metal shine on forever!”

“Queen of Light” is obviously the band’s most successful song and I have nothing new to say here, just to plagiarize my review of “Born from Fire”:

“Queen of Light” is a song with tempo changes. It is a bit heavier, with great melody and pounding drumming and at the same time so calm and melodic with the most versatile singing approach and intervention of orchestral parts. But, again, let the band speak:

“‘Queen Of Light’ takes you on a melodic journey through the power metal universe, with stories of betrayal, passion, lost love, new beginnings, and the hope for a bright future. It was one of the very early songs written with the outlook for the sophomore album, and it went through many changes and revisions, before it was finally in the state it is now. We are very happy how it turned out and therefore invite you to listen to, enjoy, cherish, and share it to your hearts’ content.”

“At the Bottom” has great orchestral and choir parts. And once again, my impression is that it would sound more powerful if the symphonic orchestra was included, but I know it takes a lot of money for the beginners. But those beginners will be a huge band one day, and then I expect to hear a more powerful sound and an orchestra that leaves the keyboards in the past. Pay attention how Craig Cairns sings:

“Battered arrived
At the bottom of the bottle…”

Doesn’t he remind you of Mike Patton from early FNM days?

“Order and Chaos”… In a review of their previous album, I wrote this is an anthem. And yes, I will repeat it here, because it simply is the song that should be written in metal history in anthems section.

“Pay the Price” closes this 30 minutes long EP. Again, my impression, since orchestral parts are dominating, is that Induction really should think about symphonic orchestra in the future instead of keyboards and then I would absolutely have no complaints.

Unfortunately, this album brings lineup change. Guitar player Marcos Rodriguez is focused on personal issues and will be temporarily replaced by George Thanasoglou. But, that is the part of growing up, and I bet this is the band that will keep the power metal flame alive. 

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