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Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Date: June 23rd, 2023

As I wrote before (in my last review) the most interesting bands of Argentina are based in Buenos Aires. And here I wanna present one of them, Infernal Curse was created in 2008, but their drummer is a very experienced musician as well. He played and still plays in such a number of bands it’s hard to remember all these names. Actually I wonder if Gustavo himself can do it (I mean especially ex-ensembles)… eheheheheheh… Anyways, debut album “Awakening of the Damned” was released more or less four years after our Argentinian friends (in other line-up) cursed the very first time with demo “Black Forces of Evil”. By the way, guys are serving us another chapter of the curse quite often and their discography is really impressive.

Actually, and I’m sure I shouldn’t write such things on the beginning of review, but to be honest I don’t give a shit about this, I was thinking a while if this s sense to write review for the stuff which can already be sold out – it was limited to three hundred copies edition of this 12” vinyl and since it was out in June… But since you can find its digital copy I decided to do it! Besides, even if there’s no more copies of “Revelations…” you can “force” the label to produce more of them.There’s of course one more possibility cross my mind at the moment, but it’d take quite a long time. So it can even be a clever decision I made, doesn’t it? OK, but end of these deliberations! Much important is to get to know what music you find here, because without this knowledge you’ll never know if you should listen to it or not. And here I say it hard, loudly and directly: you definitely should do this, with no fucking doubt!

You’ll find here six songs of pure hatred, madness and evil in its purest form. Everything takes twenty nine minutes and two seconds, so you can imagine what this is about. Yes, guys don’t fuck in the dance, as we call it in Poland. I mean, the structure of all and every song is quite easy and there’s no time and even will for some display or something. Everything’s fast and intensive as hell, quite primitive. But this is not about technique and stuff like that. Well, I’m sure many people would call this creativity primitive and in some way this is of course right. But this surely isn’t addressed to primitive people as well! I mean, if someone will not notice this is very technical stuff, then this person must be deaf as a stone – that’s for sure! Well, I know this is probably not too easy to notice this, you need to really listen to this music, but anyways. By the way, if you wanna hear (read) some term that describes what Infernal Curse creates, the best will probably be black/death metal. I can recognize elements of both mentioned genres, but also some thrash influences are clear in my opinion what makes this creativity familiar to Gods from Belo Horizonte. Actually I also have connotations with other Metal Gods of such playing coming from Peru and Canada. Tempo is variable, fast one definitely dominates here, but they’re not too rare moments when guys play relatively slow as well. Then you can notice this huge quality technique and appreciate it, enjoy it.

Anyways, I tell the same thing like I did earlier many times. This stuff has only one bad side. In fact it’s too short. I mean, after every entire listening of “Revelations Beyond Insanity” I feel some kind of insufficiency and I just have to listen to it once again and then once again and then… And I’m sure it’ll be the same with those of you who at least like such playing. Well, personally I love this and I even think that’s what our beloved music is about. So don’t wait for some salvation which will never come and grab this LP, if there’re still some copies available. But to check it out you need to contact the band or the label (it depends also where you live). As I said before you can listen to it digitally, too. But in my old school obscure world digital copies are a necessary evil. I think you know what I mean.

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