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Label: Independent

Date: September 22nd, 2023

As I wrote in one of my last reviews, most Chilean bands come fromits capital city Santiago, but not all. That’s why we’ll visit now and stay alittle bit in the second most populous city of the country, city became quitewell known because a tragedy took place not too long ago – Valparaiso.There’s also a very strong and good scene with several interesting ensembles, atleast in my experience. And I somehow doubt I have such good luckto hear only these good bands coming from this beautiful city located between Pacific and Andes. Actually I thought about two reviews of local ones. The first one was created in 2003 Infernal Thorns where the bassist is my one more buddy. I think just like in the case of Ignominia or next in line to review their stuff Hail Caligula most of you didn’t even hear the name. And this is the reason I feel imperative to inform you Infernal Thorns has, except just reviewing stuff, two full-lengths. And this is it I’ll write now about their history.    

“Keep the Bastard Under Torture” was released on 22nd September, 2023; independently by the band. This is in the form of a digital EP (I still can’t get the difference between digital demo and digital EP, but the most important is how the band thinks about this, doesn’t it?) and contains five songs. Whole stuff takes more than twenty two minutes (22.21). So you probably know what music I will write about. Yes, this is death metal itself! But since death metal, just like another sub-genres of metal, doesn’t have one name or better to say oneface, then you shouldn’t stop reading this review right now. And thisabsolutely isn’t about thinking my opinion is something with huge importance or something. Well, perhaps this is some kind of perversion I have, but I always wanted to know a little more about the music before I decided to “consumption” some stuff. I know in this case that’s easier and you don’t risk your money, because before you buy it you can listen to the stuff several times, but anyway.

So let’s try to take a closer look and figure out what actually we have to do here with. For the beginning I say this is much easier to be sure you listen to pure death metal here. I mean, there’s not too many, and even if they’re, that’s very subtle and quite hard to recognize, touches of other genres of our beloved music like it was in the case of Ignominia (even if they were more about atmosphere and so on). From the very first to the very last note guys don’t take prisoners at all. They play fast, energetic and don’t play some sophisticated arrangements or stuff like that. It doesn’t mean of course you can’t find some technique here! This is even contrary and it doesn’t take only guitar, even if in case of this instrument it’s easiest to notice that. Actually there are moments when you have a little, at least seemingly, cacophony just guitar participate the most in. Anyways, even then music is brutal and sharp as fuck. I have associations, to make it easier for you to figure out what to expect, more or less, with some American band coming from Decatur, Illinois or even a Canadian one whose debut was “Blasphemy Made Flesh” – as forme both of them are total legends. Of course our Chilean friends have their own style and play their own music with no cliche or something. Riffs are quite short and of course broken as it should be in such creativity. Tempo, and this is why I associate it with this American band, is mostly middle one, but there are quite often moments when especially drums make it faster.

Well, I’m sorry I already wrote everything what I wanted about “Keep theBastard Under Torture”. I could write even more of course, but I think there’s no point in doing it. And why am I sorry about it? The answer is as easy as pie – I’d like to have an excuse to listen to this stuff longer! Actually I’m sorry also about one more fact. This EP is too short for me. I mean, I’d love to listen to more than five songs, because I just love this. So, grab the copy now! 

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